Love, Rebekah

"I couldn't tell my dad nothing. My dad always thought I'm brainy and smart. And I made my dad happy. Because my mom wouldn't believe it when I told her, so she rejected me. She slapped me and rejected me, and said 'no way' her brothers would do anything like that."

You can hear some children play outside in the courtyard.

"The first uncle that abused me was in Bangladesh. I was six or seven or something like that. And then another uncle came to stay and he actually went further, because the first one...this and everything."

She sleeps again.

          She is overwhelmed again.

She wakes up.

          She is still overwhelmed.

"He was very handsome you see? 'Handsome people in this world have access to things that not so handsome people get.' And then no one believed me because he is a 'handsome guy. Why would he want to sexually abuse a child? He's a handsome guy. He can have any woman!'

Fucking monster."

There is an assortment of plush toys around. One of which is a massive teddy bear.

She tries to sleep again.


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