Love, Rebekah

--------     The children in the
¦  a   ¦     photographs are her 
¦ boy  ¦     children. We go  
¦      ¦     upstairs to see the
--------     rest of the flat.

--------   --------
¦  a   ¦   ¦ ano  ¦
¦ girl ¦   ¦ ther ¦
¦      ¦   ¦ boy  ¦
--------   --------

One of the two bedrooms is large. It's a master bedroom. The colours are subdued here; greys and blacks. It is a darker room, probably at this time only as the sun shines on the other side of the flat. Or maybe it's a dark room and that's that. It is empty and you if you were to guess, you'd be right on the money to say that no one has lived here for a while. It surely looks unused and the other bedroom is nearly full with stuff. All of her artwork is also downstairs, so Rebekah definitevely spends all of her time on the bottom floor of the flat.

In between the bedrooms, the is a small room for the toilet and a larger room where the shower and the bathroom sink are.

The other bedroom seems to work as an extended closet, storage and laundry drying room. There are more plush toys here. The windows are somewhat high above the floor. The bed has a canopy frame in pink. Looks like the bedroom of Rebekah's daughter, except that it doesn't look like anyone sleeps here. There is a nice, peaceful light that comes through the windows.

¦The stairs are here¦

No one lives in these rooms, but they are not empty.


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