Love, Rebekah

The largest plush toy is called Mr Chocolate Fudge. A brown teddy bear that Rebekah says is all she needs when she looks for cuddles. She no longer needs cuddles from men, she says, because "all they want is sex".

Like many of the plush toys in her apartment, Mr Chocolate Fudge has its origins as a gift to Rebekah’s daughter. The third and last of her children, Rebekah’s daughter lives in a foster home since she was about 11. Two calls a week and one supervised day with her is all the contact Rebekah has with her.

"About two years ago, after my suicide attempt, and I lost the plot, and my daughter went to boyfriend at the time called the police, and I told him to give me some space because it was him who triggered me... so I kind of lost my head and I had my hair braded gold like that (points to a painting) ...I went off to Brighton and by the time I came back I found my door had been kicked down by the police and then locked up and I couldn't get in..."

Rebekah picks up Mr Chocolate Fudge and sits with him while she waits for her hair dye to take effect. She wants her hair to go blonde. It'll take a bit of time.


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