Love, Rebekah

There is a mindfulness class for Rebekah today. She's had a hard week and she isn't sure she can attend. A call comes in. She seems surprised and takes the call. There is a man on the other side of the call and it looks like they are to meet later that day. Rebekah chooses to stay home and meet him instead of going to her mindfulness class.

"I don't want to journey all that far and then find that you're asleep."

"OK, I can do with some company today because I don't feel too great and I don't think I'm gonna be in the right place for my mindfulness class. I can do a maximum of 10mins meditation, I can't do more."

Rebekah's not feeling at her 100% and she wishes the day not to worsen her mood. She asks the man, on the other side of the call, one the thing:

"Just do me one favour, yeah? Let's not talk about anything deep but just talk about what's happening in the world and even then let's not talk about, like, all the deaths that's happened. Let's just talk about just general stuff, things that'll make us happy, so we can enjoy each other's company. Because you've come from a bad place and I'm coming from a bad place."

That man was the "Nubian King".

Other memories come. Another time

                                         Another place.


Rebekah's been triggered.

She isn't feeling well again.

There will be more sleeping... and a change of hair colour, too.


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